search engines other than google
search engines other than google

When it comes to search traffic, Google gets the lion’s share, but there are search engines other than Google. They may not have the search volume of the behemoth company, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be part of your digital marketing strategy.

It’s difficult to rank for popular keywords on Google because of the highly advanced algorithm, competition, and use of artificial intelligence, but that may not be the case for other search engines. Their indexes could be smaller, and you can be on page one with little effort.

We’ll examine five search engines that can be part of your SEO strategy.

1. Search Engines Other Than Google Include Bing

Microsoft has been a part of creating and navigating the Internet for decades. It began with Internet Explorer and now Microsoft Edge. Windows is part of most computers and laptops, and they all want people to use its search engine, Bing, as a default.

Bing has its own PPC platform and is the second most popular search engine. It’s worth being part of your digital marketing strategy.

2. Yahoo Has Been Around Forever

Yahoo search has been around longer than Google. Unlike Google, which the main page is simply the search bar and access to Google features.

Yahoo’s main page includes search, news, and much more. Many people use Yahoo as their default home page because of this.

Bing and Yahoo are closely connected, so doing SEO for one is like doing SEO for both.

3. Yandex Gives International Approach

You’ve likely never heard of Yandex unless you live in Russia and nearby countries. It’s the primary search engine for more than 45 percent of people using the Internet in those countries. It’s easy to use and provides unique results that you may not find on Google.

If you have an audience outside of the U.S., then consider Yandex for your search engine optimization.

4. DuckDuckGo Is A Weird Name but Great Search Engine

It’s no secret that when you use most search engines, they collect your data. They track where you go, what you search for, and much more. DuckDuckGo doesn’t collect any personal data from your searches.

It’s used by people that don’t want their info tracked and enjoy privacy. They know Big Brother isn’t watching them.  If these people connect with your niche, then consider DuckDuckGo for your digital marketing.

5. Swisscows is Family Friendly

If your niche is family-oriented services and products, then you should rank well on Swisscows. It doesn’t collect any of your personal data and uses AI to provide better search results. It’s a semantic search engine and will provide more accurate search results the more used.

It may have a strange name, but it’s becoming more popular, especially with parents who want their kids to see only family-friendly results.

Choose Your Favored Search Engine

There are many search engines other than Google and your website can dominate rankings if you create a digital marketing strategy around them. It’s important to consider the audience when choosing an alternative search engine.

If you want to learn more about SEO and strategizing for these search engines, then please contact us today.

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