About Digi Brand Studios

We’re a small business supporting small businesses!

Digi Brand Studios literally focuses on SMALL BUSINESSES! A lot of people say that is their forte, however, this is our real sweet spot. We work with Entrepreneurs / Solopreneur’s, Startups and businesses that may not have the budget for a marketing department.

We specialize in digital marketing strategies where small businesses can have an impact and where they need to spend their marketing dollars.

Digital Marketing is often referred to as e-marketing or online marketing.  However, it is simply using marketing through “digital” channels to reach an audience.

The DBS Difference:

We specialize in picking digital marketing channels where small businesses can make an impact and where they should spend their marketing dollars.  Not all digital applications are worth the time, money or resources. We will help you pick the options that are best for your company, your brand and your vision.