white space in design
white space in design

Whether you’re designing a website or an advertisement, using white space properly is key. It can turn a cluttered and unfocused design into a powerful and pleasing work of art. Proper white space use really shows the truth behind the statement “less is more.”

Here’s why proper use of white space in design is critical.

What Is White Space?

White space, also known as negative space, is any portion of a design left blank or unmarked. It’s an absence of design. It doesn’t necessarily need to be white, it just needs to be blank — free of graphics, images, text, or any other type of design.

What Designs Use White Space?

You’ll see white space utilized across the design spectrum. It’s used on webpages, in print and television advertising, and in art. It can also be seen on movie posters, book covers, and product packaging.

Basically, there’s no limit to where white space can be used.

Why Use White Space In Design?

There are a lot of reasons to use white space.

One of the key uses of white space is to highlight important information. Take a look at the Google main page, for example. It’s almost entirely white apart from the Google logo and the search bar, highlighted in blue.

All the white space forces the eye to focus on the Google logo and the search bar. You don’t need to look around, you instantly know how to use the site and what to focus on.

White space is also used to keep a design clutter-free. It’s easy to overfill a design, which makes it hard for some viewers to determine what to focus on. Their eyes shoot all around the design, causing confusion and setting focus on less important aspects.

Good use of white space will make your design — website or otherwise — look professional and clean. 

How to Use White Space

If you’re designing a website, you have ample opportunities to use white space.

Use it in the margins of your site to make it feel more open and clean. Consider the micro white space between text and in spacing. Using double-spacing offers more white space, and may be a better look if you’re going for a white-space-heavy look.

If you’re advertising something on the web or otherwise, use the Apple method. Surround the product in white space to increase focus and intrigue. Use it to highlight the product overall.

Keep thinking, “less is more”. If you ever think about adding more to an already loud design, instead consider taking something away. See how a piece looks at its most minimal rather than its most maximal.

White space will give your design balance and clarity. You’ll learn this quickly, and master it in no time.

A Fresh Coat of White Paint

Using white space in design is one of the best choices you can make. You’ll end up with a much more intriguing, clean, and focused piece. Whether you’re a web designer or an artist, you can benefit from white space.

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