company brand
company brand

A company brand is more than just a logo. A brand reflects how people think of your company and what ideals you emphasize. 

Customers’ perceptions of your company form your business brand. Apple’s business brand is innovation. They encourage their customers to innovate and think differently.

Business branding can turn customers into staunch advocates. You can align your company branding with your beliefs and listen to customers for more ideas.

Why is branding important? We’ll discuss some of the key reasons.

A Company Brand Separates You From Competitors

Apple sells many products, but they focus on smartphones and computers. They are far from the only company that sells those two products. Why would anyone choose Apple instead of another competitor?

Apple produces excellent products, but they aren’t cheap. Competitors sell more affordable smartphones and computers. Even under these circumstances, people still flock to Apple stores.

Apple’s company brand plays a vital role in its success. The company has positioned itself as a luxury item for innovative thinkers. 

Customers enjoy the feeling of using Apple devices. Apple has made them believe their devices significantly outpace competitors. Effective branding created those thoughts.

Apple may not be the world’s most innovative company. However, customers believe Apple’s top-tier status and gleefully trumpet that perception as reality.

Branding Makes Your Company Relatable

Nike’s branding revolves around a single phrase, “Just do it.” It’s catchy and easy to remember. The phrase is also very relatable.

We all put things off because we don’t want to do them. We don’t want to do the workout or respond to a certain email. Nike’s branding encourages us to take action.

Nike just does it as well. They continuously pump out products and reach new customers. 

Every customer has their “Just do it” story. Nike’s catchphrase makes them a more relatable brand.

Branding Turns You into a Storyteller

Coca-Cola almost never runs commercials that focus on their drinks. They don’t talk about the grams of sugar or other nutritious facts.

Instead of talking about the product, Coca-Cola creates stories involving its product. People get together and socialize. It’s a fun time, but they all happen to drink Coca-Cola as well.

Coca-Cola has run several Christmas commercials. People celebrate the holidays and prepare for them. They all happen to drink Coca-Cola.

People love stories. We learn and remember concepts through storytelling. Telling stories about your brand makes your company memorable.

Create Your Company Brand

Every business needs a company brand. This brand stretches beyond logos and transactions. 

A strong brand can lead to new and returning customers. People do their research before buying your product or service.

They can review many choices and look for similarities and differences. At some point, the businesses look similar.

Coca-Cola and Pepsi both produce drinks. Apple and Samsung both create smartphones. Nike and plenty of other companies develop sneakers, clothing, and other products.

Customers stick around because of the brand. If you want help with creating a company brand, contact us today.

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