ranking higher on google
ranking higher on google

Almost half of all consumers say that they make use of Google to find new products and services. If you’re a business, Google can be your greatest tool — but you have to use it right. Many other businesses are out there making use of the benefits of Google — how can you stand out? Ranking higher on Google is hard work, but it isn’t impossible.

This article will walk you through some ways you can guarantee that you’ll end up on the first page of Google, and teach you a few things about Google rankings along the way. 

1. Optimize Your Customers Experience on Your Site 

You may have heard that keywords are the way to increase your Google rankings. This is only half true. Keywords are a good way to increase your Google ranking, but they aren’t the only game in town. 

The amount of time people spend on your website is also crucial to your ranking on Google. This means that if you make your website fun to engage with, you’re far more likely to increase your Google ranking. 

2. Make Use of Reviews

Are you aware that 84 percent of people trust online Google reviews just as much as they do their own friends? 

Google reviews are a great way to attract more people to your site. If leads see that other people have enjoyed your services, they’re far more likely to trust you with their patronage. 

You can also reply to positive Google reviews, and make use of your SEO keywords in your responses. When you put reviews of your site out there, you’re killing two birds with one stone. 

3. Increase Backlinks

Writing blog posts on your site is a great way to increase traffic. You can work SEO keywords into your content without getting penalized, and you’ll attract people to genuinely interact with your content. 

However, there’s another way to make use of blog posts to drive traffic to your site. It’s posting on other people’s blogs. 

Most popular blogs out there have options that allow you to “guest post”. This means you write an article that they share on their site. It has to work on its own and fit into the concept of their blog, but within it, you can link folks back to your website. 

4. Make Your Site Mobile-Friendly

Computer screens are differently sized and differently held than mobile screens. This means you need to re-design your website so that it works for both computer use and mobile use. This means that people are far more likely to engage in your site

Ranking Higher on Google 

As you can see, it’s perfectly possible to increase your Google ranking. This is one of the reasons why the world is much easier now that the internet has taken over our lives. You can’t constantly reposition your in-person business to a better location, but you can improve where you stand on Google. 

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