mobile marketing
mobile marketing

About 81% of the American population owns a smartphone. Meanwhile, more people own cell phones than toothbrushes around the world.

If you’re not utilizing mobile marketing, you’re likely missing out on a large percentage of your target audience.

Still on the fence about using mobile marketing as part of your digital marketing strategy? 

Start communicating with customers and boosting your brand with your mobile-friendly website. Read on to learn more about the benefits of a mobile-optimized strategy. 

1. Reach More Customers

One of the main benefits of mobile marketing is its ability to help you connect with customers.

In 2016, consumers spent up to 10 hours a day on their phones. People check their phones whether they’re out and about or in the comforts of their own home. If you want to increase your reach, you need to go mobile. 

Otherwise, you’re minimizing your target audience by focusing only on desktop devices.

A mobile-friendly website makes it easier for people to explore and engage with your content on any device. If your website isn’t optimized, on the other hand, site visitors might struggle. If they can’t read your content, they’ll leave.

You might end up losing customers to your competitors as a result. 

2. Continuous Connections

Sometimes, consumers will visit your website from their desktop computer only to leave without converting. A few days later, they might remember your product and search for you from their phones.

Mobile marketing creates a cohesive experience for your target audience. Otherwise, they might find your mobile website is nothing like the desktop version.

The mobile-friendly website to get a second chance with potential customers. 

Make sure to improve the user’s experience by speeding up your site. A fast loading time will help you avoid frustrating visitors. Slow pages can also hurt your search engine optimization (SEO)

3. Smarter SEO

Google now looks at the mobile version of your website when determining search engine rankings. If you don’t have a mobile-friendly website, however, you’ll rank below your competitors. Consumers might have a difficult time finding your website online as a result. 

A site that isn’t mobile-optimized might hurt your pay-per-click (PPC) advertising efforts, too. 

By optimizing your website for mobile, you can improve your overall digital marketing strategy. 

4. Short and Sweet

Consumers expect a fast, easy, convenient online experience. In order to appeal to your customers, consider using mobile tactics like text messaging. 

Texts are short, sweet, and to the point. Instead of a lengthy landing page, you can use texts to create concise marketing messages.

You can also use geofencing to send texts to consumers as they approach your store. 

Going mobile makes communicating with customers fast and easy. 

5. Improved ROI

About 60% of all e-commerce begins on mobile devices. If you want to boost sales, don’t neglect your mobile audience.

By going mobile, you can boost sales and improve your ROI. 

Go Mobile: 5 Reasons to Create a Mobile Marketing Strategy

Don’t miss out on customers. Instead, keep these reasons to utilize mobile marketing in mind. By going mobile, you can boost brand awareness, sales, and more!

Ready to go mobile? Contact us for digital marketing services today!

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